Frequently Asked Questions

In general, blocked account is opened in the name of the student him/herself. The money the student deposits in it is used to cover the cost of living, accommodation, any other administrative fees etc. In general this money is to cover the everyday living cost.

Note: For PAP, for ICPF Tech and for ICPF Med a Blocked Account is necessary!


Medical Doctors are one of the most sought after field in Germany. Every year the demand for more doctors is increasing. Especially in the field internal medicine Germany faces a big lack. In addition Germany needs psychiatry, anaesthesiology , orthopedics, accident surgery, neurology, surgery, radiology, children- and youth medicine and geriatric medicine. Assistant Doctors are most difficult to find.
These facts are taken from a nationwide survey made by from June 2013.


ICPF Tech:

- General German language
- Technical German
- Industrial visits
- Exhibitions and Seminars
- Personal development classes
- Partner programs (e.g. SAP)
- Cultural programs
- Social and cultural integration.

- German Language
- Medical language and healthcare training
- Observership
- Telc exam

No, it is not possible.

1. Once IAS receives all necessary application documents in the correct given format (look here for required documents), the documents will be checked.

2. If the student satisfies all the criteria for eligibility to the coursework for which he applied, the admission acceptance form (AAF) will be sent to the student via e-mail.

3. Student needs to sign the AAF and scan and send it across to ( Remember the original needs to be submitted once the student is in Germany) and also pay the Fees for the coursework.

4. Students also need to attend a skype-interview.

5. Upon receiving the both (AAF signed/total amount of course fees) and after attending the skype-interview, the admission letter and the skype-protocoll will be sent as scanned copy via e-mail.

6. With the scanned copy of original admission letter, scanned copy of skype-protocoll and the blocked account, students need to attend the visa interview at their respective German consulate/embassy.

All students must attend the Skype-interview. In this interview the student’s knowledge about the program, their future plans and their motivation are checked. If satisfied with the result, we issue a certificate.

This certificate must also be produced at the consulate/embassy during the visa interview.

IAS has prepared an article for guidance. Please, click here to read Pre-departure to do.

Everyone must apply for Long-Term Student Visa.

No, during ICPF it´s not possible to earn money. Students are not allowed to work during the coursework. On special cases students are allowed to do part-time work only during holidays and semester breaks.

Facharztweiterbildung is a study (continuing education) to become a super speciality medical doctor. The studies take 6 to 7 years. During the period most of the hospitals/clinics where you do your Facharztweiterbildung provide money as part of the program. As of 2014, it is around 3500 to 4000€  per month.

Facharztweiterbildung  means medical super specialization in certain field of medicine like Surgery, Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Internal medicine, General medicine etc. After a period of 6 to 7 years, once the candidate passes the exam, then will be conferred as Facharzt (Super Speciality Doctor). For some more information see "Can I earn money during medical specialization?". 

Students can apply again for the DSH Exam and get a new date to appear again for the exam once more. For the Medical Test from State medical council there are no limits on the number times the examination can be taken. But a student must pass all the exams before 24 months from the start date of the program. 

Students will receive a scanned copy of original admission letter and a scanned copy of the Skype Interview Certification. For the procedure and more details see "What is the admission process like?". 

IAS College organizes accommodations when applicants send their filled application request form at the latest two weeks before arrival in Germany to IAS College Student office.

Most of our new students will be staying at the following address (We request students to give this address for Visa purposes):

Accommodation ADDRESS:

Geibelstraße 1

19055, Schwerin

Visa Process is done by the Embassy/Consulate in your Home country and also by the Alien's office in Germany. According to the German Embassy, the process might take maximum upto 8 weeks. So we strongly suggest students to start the admission process early enough so that they could join their program on time.

Each and every individual student is proofed by their respective Embassy/Consulate, we from the University/Intl. Institute cannot say how long it takes for this process. ONLY the Embassy/Consulate can let know a student about his/her Visa status. So for any Visa related queries (After the Visa Interview) always write to your resprective embassy/consulate. But note it does take some weeks before they could actually update you about your status.

Note: Visas are issued just a week or so prior to the course begin date & not before unless otherwise specifically mentioned.

IAS recommends IELTS exam. The IELTS result should be above 5,0. Find detailed information about IELTS here:

Alternatively you can do TOEFL Test. There you should reach about 80 points. Follow this link:

or Pearson PTE Test. There you should reach more then 46 points.

IAS College offers a wide range of programs, programs for Medical Doctors, Engineers, Management students, Nurses & for school students those who would like to pursue their Bachelor Studies in Germany. Many of the study programs also enable students to pursue further studies/education in Germany.

Visit the menu point "courses". There you can find detailed information about the single course works.


Facing life and further studies/education in Germany, it is necessary to learn the German language. German language is the first urgent step on the way to university studies in Germany