A1 Level – Learn German Online

Why German and how can it be helpful in Boosting Skills and New Opportunities?

According to an article in THE LOCAL: German is the fourth most spoken language by non-native speakers. More and more foreigners are finding the language very useful for studies & career opportunities. Unlike the other languages, German has very strong grammar, and once it is understood it is very much easy to learn. German Grammar rules are very much easy to memorize.

What does our Online German Language Learning course Include?

Best Grammar and Vocabulary Classes: From us, students can find out the best grammar and vocabulary classes. We have lessons for beginners (A1, A2), intermediate(B1), and experts (B2), which help students and other participants in boosting their German language skills.

In-Depth Courses Covered: At each level of German we have allotted a certain duration of German classes so that students can have a better knowledge of courses and Language.

Well-Planned Course: We come with well-planned courses. All of our entire lessons are structured in a way so that students can understand easily.

Designed by the Experienced Teachers: Experienced teachers create our lessons and courses. They are aware of all the tips and tricks, which make the students not to get bored while having their classes.


We provide the best teachers in the Industry. All our teachers are highly qualified and have years of German teaching experience.


Our courses are designed corresponding to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


We conduct mock exams to prepare the students for the final exam conducted by Gothe or Telc


Allows you to adapt your learning flexibly to your schedule and does not require you to be in any particular place.

Why learn German online with IAS?

1. Certification of participation from a German institute- All participants after passing the final mock-up exam will be provided a certificate of completion at the end of the course work.

2. Not only one can just do the language but can also select their headway in Germany be it bachelors, masters, dual vocational training program etc.

3. German communication takes the front seat in our coursework as all our students go for further progression to Germany be it studies or work, communication plays a major role.

Thus, the program gives our students the competitive edge over others, Enhancing the future opportunities

Guaranteed Admission

Upon successful completion of various levels of the German Language with IAS, students are offered guaranteed admission to programs of IAS & its partners in Germany


  • ⭐ Highly-qualified & Experienced teachers
  • ⭐ State-of-the-art teaching methods
  • ⭐ Interactive study programs
  • ⭐ Course levels applied around the world.
  • ⭐ Professional exercise materials
  • ⭐ Intensive support and advice
  • ⭐ Regular review of your performance
  • ⭐ CEFR model of teaching (GER Stufe)
  • ⭐ Internal exam prior to the final exam at Göthe or Telc (passing our internals more or less guarantees your success at the final exam)
  • ⭐ Intercultural classes as well as Pre departure guidance
  • ⭐ Students
  • ⭐ Professionals
  • ⭐ Travelers
  • ⭐ Hobby Learners

Course Start Date: 06.08.2020
Admission deadline: 31.07.2020

Course Time

Mon – Fri : 09 AM to 1:30 PM (or)
Mon – Fri : 02:00 PM to 6:30 PM

Course fees (100 HOURS / 5 weeks): 240 Euro