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ICPF Med, ICPF Tech, AQUAS and PAP students will get their accommodation organized from IAS College when having filled  and sent an accommodation request form to IAS College Student office at the latest 2 weeks before arrival in Germany. If the student office does not receive this request form or if it does not receive it on time, students have to organize their accommodation on their own. Find some useful links for this cases below.

In general all students have the possibility to search their accommodation on their own. We recommend especially students of AQUAS to take the accommodation organized by IAS College.

Note: If students decide to search their accommodation on their own, they have to inform IAS College student office well in advance.

The rent for our organized accommodation is about 250€ per month and mostly are twin sharing rooms with Bathroom & Kitchen. A deposit of 2 months rent (500 Euros) is required to be paid upfront upon taking the accommodation. While signing the contract of accommodation at the first day, rent deposit and first rent (750 Euro) have to be paid immediately. From the second month onwards students can decide whether to deduct the monthly rent  from their account by direct debit or standing order.

Note: IAS College does not organize single rooms! Always two men or two women sharing one room.

Students must sign a  rent contract from the hirer. In general all hiring contracts are for minimum 6 months with a fixed cancellation time (in general 3 months).

Most of our new students will be staying at the following address (We request students to give this address for Visa purposes)


Geibelstraße 1

19055, Schwerin


External Providers:

Apart from our partners there are also many other providers who offer rooms for students. There are of different types: sharing, individual houses, apartments etc. Students can also use these following links to find rooms on their own.