Important skills in this field are creativity and analysis of the market, company relation
    (e.g. knowledge of innovation processes, project management). Not ´only´ designing but also contact to the public, the customer and partner! Usual business administration and management studies are not enough. DIM offers much more and such special details are required in the market! Some keywords to consider for design & innovation management: Trends, innovation, market research/customer demands.
    DIM is an 8 semester Bachelor Program including 1 Pre-Year. During those 4 years, 180 Credit Points (ECTS) can be gained. The study program will be conducted in the English language at Schwerin Campus.
    The Bachelor Studies cover the subjects like “design”, “company foundation”, “project
    management”, “communication”, “visualization”, “basics of marketing, marketing research,
    trend analysis”, “industrial processes”, innovation management”.
    After having completed their studies successfully, participants attain the degree Bachelor of
    Arts. The Bachelor enables them to pursue a career in Germany.


    Focus on design management
    For design management graduates, project management in design agencies of various focal points and sizes is just as much a task as the ability to handle communication tasks in the field of marketing and public relations for industrial companies or other institutions with the perspective of a managerial role.

    Focus on Innovation Management
    Graduates of the Innovation Management degree program work in the innovation departments of industrial or service companies. They combine the analytical eye, their knowledge of markets and trends, their strategic expertise and knowledge of branding and product development. They are able to purposefully integrate the abilities of different stakeholders, especially the designers, in interdisciplinary teams and to create the conditions for a fruitful innovation culture. Furthermore, the program enables graduates to become entrepreneurial with their own idea of innovation. You are well versed in the preparation of business plans and know the economic and legal framework of entrepreneurial activity in different legal forms.

    The concept “Designing innovation”
    (Application-oriented, innovative!)
    • Small groups of study
    • Qualification for development of brands, products and services
    • Pre-condition for leading positions

    Schooling completed (min.12 years)
    Good English (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)