SEIS is an 8 semester Bachelor Program including 1 Pre-year. During those 4 years 180 Credit
    Points (ECTS) can be gained. The study program will be conducted in the English language at
    Schwerin Campus.
    After pre-year:
    The first 3 semesters of SEIS provide students with a wide range of knowledge as e.g.
    Object-oriented programming, software engineering, business administration, Web
    technologies, networking, databases, algorithms, basics of mathematics and general skills.
    Beginning with 4th-semester students can choose between specialization in 1) software
    engineering and 2) information security

    • Application-oriented
    • Expert know – how
    • Choice of main focus: specialization in
    Software engineering or information security (4th- 6th semester)
    • The wide range of qualification (general, advanced, detailed)
    • Interactive live events/ virtual campus

    Schooling completed (min.12 years)
    Good English (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)