FASP – Standard course

German for physicians: Standard course (1) (60 sessions of 45 minutes each)

Extensive communication training and preparation for the specialist language examination for obtaining approval in Germany

The course is aimed at international doctors who already have a good knowledge of German (level B2 to C1) and would like to prepare intensively for the specialist language examination. It is intended to enable foreign physicians to communicate successfully in their daily work-life in Germany. All contents are based on the guidelines of the Medical Association for the specialist language examination.

The extensive communication training in preparation for the specialist language examination takes place daily with one online session of 45 minutes each. Participating in EVERY module is important to ensure the success of the course. In addition to the classes, each participant has to do extensive homework every day.

Level : B2 to C1

Mode of training : – online course

The language of instruction is exclusively German.

  • Medical vocabulary in general and context specific
  • Anatomy, physiology and pathology, sorted by anatomical system
  • Doctor-patient conversation, e.g. during anamnesis, to explain a diagnosis and during the physical examination
  • Doctor-doctor-talk, e.g. at the patient presentation or case discussion in the team round
  • Medical documentation / doctor’s letter
  • Enlightenment and consultation
  • Conversation with employees in everyday medical life
  • Test simulation

Method of Training

  • Interactive, action-oriented, communicative online teaching
  • Conversations, role-plays, games
  • Individual feedback


  •  60 daily sessions of 45 minutes each
  • Daily extensive homework
  • Practice-relevant exercises and role-plays

The focus is on:

  • Communication with the patient
  • The detailed case history study
  • The detailed doctor-patient conversation
  • Different conversational situations in the medical context
  • Communication with the patient about various examinations
  • Talking to colleagues and employees


  • 600 Euro


60 sessions of 45 minutes each