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Foreign Languages Academy Gurukulam (F.L.A.G.)Kerala

FLAG offers you the best of what any language trainee would demand. We aim to provide almost everything for every student in our institution. We look forward to training students, not just in terms of academics, but also in terms of mannerisms, habits, and lifestyle. We train our students to adopt the culture overseas, to learn table manners and speech etiquette to learn to groom themselves as per occasion, to take up challenges and to see the vice and virtues of each culture. We work out an all-around schedule for the development of our students. This ensures that they are immune to uncertainties while overseas. We solely aim to give them an insight about life.


At the heart of Kottayam, yet away from all the hustle of a city, the Gurukulam is located around 700m from the district Collectorate, in a peaceful and friendly residential area. The academy is equipped with all basic facilities for our students in a 6000 sq.ft. building.

Even though the syllabus is designed based on a Gurukulam mode, the classrooms are equipped with all modern facilities to ensure active participation of all students. Our teacher student ratio is maintained in a manner that all students get individual attention.

Apart from the quality study materials distributed in class rooms, the campus has a well maintained library that is equipped with internationally acclaimed books, novels and journals that will suit your needs, and with an intention to open the doorways for an in-depth study about the language and gives you a better exposure to its local words and variants.

Like any art and talent, language becomes flexible only when the learner starts to appreciate it. The academy is equipped with a studio theater consisting of a big screen television and a mini theater sound system, for watching movies, TV shows and listening to music, in respective foreign languages. This enhances the pronunciation capability of students and introduces them to new vocabulary.

Special sessions are arranged by native speakers and Language Trainers every week through video conference in our high-tech language lab. This not only helps in improving pronunciation and vocabulary but also helps the candidate to gain confidence while confronting a Language Examiner and to overcome exam fear.

In the campus, accommodation is provided for girls, designed to suit individual care. All rooms are equipped with basic modern facilities that ensure safety and cleanliness.

The campus is secured by a compound wall and all public spaces are under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. In addition, a security officer is also assigned to ensure safety in the campus.

Top floor of the Gurukulam is an open kitchen with a clean wide space used as mess/cafeteria. This space can also be used for fun and relaxation, and has an excellent view of the green landscape.

Presenting oneself is equally important along with language skills while attending an exam or interview as it enhances the confidence of the candidates. Make-up artists who hold years of experience in the film industry are invited to train our students, so that they can independently groom themselves for public appearances.

Concentration skill is vital for Gurukulam mode of education. As the students will be dedicating their entire time for language studies, yoga training would be provided early in the morning to improve concentration and meditation skills. Zumba practice makes the students energetic, ensuring mental and physical health. The same is arranged in the evening, after regular classes.

We offer special training by Hotel Management professionals on dining etiquettes. The Students can practice and refine these skills during their stay in the Gurukulam.
The Gurukulam guides you at every step to gain mastery over foreign languages. We are here to help you get better scores, to fulfill your desire for a job abroad and to prepare you for a new world of possibilities abroad.


Kopprath Junction,
Opposite Collectorate,
Near M. M. Publications,
Kottayam, Kerala
India  – 686 002

Ph: +91 9745400107


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