If you have finished your medicine or if you have been practicing for a while and if you are ambitious, we know that you are not yet ready to settle down for an ordinary life and career. Doctors should aim bigger because the world needs more of you. So if you think you need a Masters, if you need a big push in the direction of a fulfilling career, think IAS College. We have got the perfect course for you young doctors to help you make it big, in Germany. This is not just a pathway to your MD Specialization in Germany; you will be opening the gates to a new lifestyle, a promising higher-studies course and then eventually a fulfilling career.

So, what is ICPF-MED? It’s a one-year course offered by IAS College and University of Allensbach that gives the students a thorough training necessary for any qualified doctor to pursue MD Courses in Germany. And this includes modules that introduce students to the best practices of the medical sector as well as intercultural modules that will make the students adept at cultural and lifestyle nuances starting from dinner customs to history lessons. Now one may wonder what’s the need of all that. If you want to make headway in this highly competitive scenario, you have got to have the advantage of knowing the professional arena in and out. The German language module is there to make sure you do not face any language barrier when you pursue medicine in Germany and when later when you seek jobs for medical doctors in Germany.

This course will clear your way to a Facharzt in Germany and at the end of the course, IAS College will present you with 60+ credits that you will be able to use partly during your masters at your choice of university. It’s time you considered this golden opportunity and flown to Germany because the medicine sector is in need ofqualified professional now more than ever. Doctors, it’s your call.