Even after finishing your engineering course in your home country, are you facing a lack of growth? There could be several reasons for you to withdraw into a career slump from which you may never wake up again. But why bury your potential like that? Why not think global and achieve a fortune you never thought you would? If you are game for a life-changing move, IAS College has the perfect solution for you, namely ICPF-Tech.

Designed to enable foreign engineers to avail the benefits of German education, ICPF-Tech is a one-year course that also has a prime module for Engineering Management plus language training, intercultural coaching and much more. The management part of the syllabus is intended to provide the students with a competitive edge when you enter your Masters in Germany as well as when you pursue a career of your choice. IAS is known for its language training methods through which students learn the German language, both basic and advanced, with an emphasis on the technical terminology relevant to your area of specialization as an engineer. Then comes the intercultural training modules. Doing an MS in Germany is not an easy task. We are here to help you ease your way into the German way of life, culture, and manners. After this training, at no point will you stumble because of a lack of knowledge in everyday customs and practices or because you didn’t know what’s the right thing to say. Engineers will recognize that this is an important aspect when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Towards the end of the course, you will have gained max 60 credits (a part of which you will be able to use in your university) and you will be fully attuned to the German engineering sector knowing fully well where to make your grand entry and fully aware of the opportunities around you.

You will also receive thorough guidance throughout your application process to the universities. After you complete your higher studies in Germany, you will be sought-after by German engineering giants and global companies, making you the globe-trotter you have always wanted to be.