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PAP Nursing


PAP is a preparation program for International nurses (Kenntnisprüfung Vorbereitungsprogramm – Knowledge exam preparatory program) who wish to get registered as a hospital nurse in Germany. The program prepares the international students in the German language, subject-oriented language (Nursing language), and know-how of theory, practical training like internships in German hospitals, senior care institutions or in outpatient care. Intercultural competences will also be taught. The curriculum is coordinated with the German ministry of health and social affairs (LAGuS) and conducted in cooperation with DAA (Deutsche Angestellten Akademie). The participants are eligible to do “Kenntnisprüfung” after successful completion of the PAP coursework. Having completed this exam, the foreign nurses are recognized and eligible to work as a hospital nurse in Germany.

For detailed information on these courses go to the course page on our website.

  • German language
  • Field-specific German
  • General Nursing curriculum  
  • hospital geriatric practical training
  • Internships in hospitals
  • Recognized by Ministry of Health & Social affairs

    Completed diploma / vocational nursing
    Completed bachelor / master in nursing
    Official recognition as nurses in their home country / country of study

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