Pre Depature

Pre Departure

Currency Exchange

You can exchange Euros with any reputed currency exchange providers in India. Some of the reputed ones are Thomas Cook, Cox and Kings, Western Union and UAE Exchange.

It is always advised that you carry hard cash of at least 500 Euros while you travel to Germany or any country abroad.

Note: We do not endorse or recommend any of the above-mentioned currency exchange providers.

Travel Preparation

Depending upon the airlines, the students must plan their baggage allowances.


T-Shirts (5-6), Jeans Trousers (3-4) will do. Might carry one or two shirts for some special occasions. Cotton pants are worn rarely due to climatic conditions.

Winter Jackets and Woollen Inners

IAS Students (WS/SS) does not have to carry. Just PULLOVERS (Sweaters) are enough. For other students also we recommend not to carry as they can buy in German Local market itself. Again during May be Leather or Woolen gloves and head covers you can bring along. We recommend carrying raincoats & one small umbrella.

Winter Months: November till March. Weather is mostly cold but with proper clothing you can keep yourself warm enough. All rooms have heating facility.

Bed Covers, Pillows are included in the accommodation so no need to carry. Laundry facilities are mostly available in the hostel building if not there are some paid laundry services in the city.

Blazers or Suits

We personally recommend not to carry them. Students are not in need of them until they attend job Interviews. There are many readily available stores in Germany like Karstadt, C&A, H&M etc to buy them.


If you are in need of certain prescribed medicines do carry it (along with the Doctor’s Prescription). Generally, we recommend packing a small kit with Band-Aid, Cold, Cough, Headache medicines & other necessary medicines.


Laptops & Computers: Mostly Laptops are all pre-installed with German OS & Keyboard in Germany. Students need to order specially to get OS in English. You may carry your own laptops from home country.

DVDs, CDs or Software: Do carry only Original DVDs, CDs or Software. Piracy is punishable in Germany up to 5 years in Prison.

Mobile Phones: Many Networks offer Mobile phones along with the contract. Students interested in NEW Smartphones can sign such contracts. Mobile companies charge around 20€ – 30€ per month.

Electronics: The voltage and plug system is same as in India. DO carry a USB and/or a hard drive (if needed) for Back-ups.

Domestic Needs

You shall carry:

Towels, Bathroom slippers, Hair oil, Soaps, shoes, socks (thick as well as thin), Tooth

Brush, Paste/powder, scissors, shaver, cream, nail cutter, glue stick, punching machine, a Folder, stapler, stapler pins, rubber bands, batteries, umbrella, a pen torch.

If you are unable to bring them, there are lots of shops and supermarkets available in the city.

Books: Carry only absolutely necessary books. Scribbling pads, Pen, Pencil do carry two sets each.

Utensils: Any special Utensils (a Non-Stick Pan, A vessel, Small kitchen knife). Most of the Kitchens in Germany are well equipped. Dinner plate, lunch boxes, Spoons, Forks etc. a set would be enough. No need for Pressure Rice Cookers – Many Hostels are equipped with Fire Alarm system for Smoke.

Electric Rice cookers are available in Germany.