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TELC stands for The European Language Certificates (die Europäischen Sprachzertifikate). IAS College in Germany is a licensed examination center for TELC. Our Exam center is in Schwerin, Germany. Upcoming Exam dates are given below. Please fill in the registration form and the exam seats are given on a first-come-first-served basis. We also offer TELC examination training at our campus in Schwerin.

TELC Courses

Here comes the upcoming examination dates and pricing for various TELC courses we offer
Then also below every exam date we have also a button for book exam & book exam plus training.

We offer language tests & training based on international standards (GER Stufe): fair, transparent and reliable. Our training is consistent with the Common European Reference (GER) level.

About TELC:

Consistent with our European focus, telc currently offers more than 80 different examinations in 10 languages – in course-systems or for individual/extern booking. As an ISO 9001 certified company, customers can expect our work to reflect only the highest quality standards.

Our centers will give you the upcoming exam dates as well as further important information about the examination.

Alle Prüfungen für die deutsche Sprache von dem Nieveau A2-C2. Darunter selbstverständlich auch die C1-Hochschule, B2-C1-Medizin-Fachsprache, B1-B2-Pflege. Prüfungen für die anderen “telc Sprachen” bitten wir individuell bei uns anzufragen

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