About IAS College

IAS College is a German Institute providing courses for Undergraduates, Engineers, Nurses and Doctors/Dentists

IAS College understands and recognizes the ambitions of the engineers, medical doctors, nurses, and school students across the globe. We help students including qualified professionals from all over the world to get the best out of German education system.

We offer programs that are intended to provide the aspirants with a wholesome foundation, whether it is for pursuing bachelor studies, master studies or pre studies.

Starting with comprehensive training in the German language, which covers basic, and advanced levels, all the IAS courses are designed to provide the students with language skills necessary to excel in Germany.

Another key offering in all the courses is the intercultural training which makes the students familiar with the culture, traditions, lifestyle, and habits of Germans so that there will be no struggle adapting to the German life, making friends and moving ahead in the society.

At IAS College, there will be regular sessions conducted by experts on various topics, ranging from do's and don'ts in Germany, industry specific subjects, finding the right observership or internship to presentation skills, table etiquette and German history. Students instantly fall in love with our beautiful campus and comfortable accommodation. Not to mention our faculty whom students find most welcoming and understanding.

Thus Our program gives students the competitive edge over other students as our students speak the local language, culturally integrated which greatly enhances the chances for students to Study opportunities, better internship and project opportunities


IAS Campuses are situated in Schwerin and Wismar, Germany. The admission office is based in Lübeck, Germany.

Study Campus
Campus Schwerin,
Bergstraße 38,
19055 Schwerin

IAS Administration Office
IAS College GmbH
Maria-Goeppert Str 1,
23562 Luebeck.