Health Care Insurance


Every foreign student who wants to study in Germany should apply for health insurance. International students are not permitted to enroll at German higher education institutions without it this is because as a law that every person that lives in Germany has to have health insurance hence student will need to present proof of health insurance when they enroll for a preparatory course or at a university and apply for a residence permit. Once they have enrolled at the college or university, a student can switch to the mandatory German health insurance scheme.

Health insurance provides the assurance that the costs of medical care and medications do not have to be paid privately in the event of an accident or illness. So with insurance covered student can go to the doctor without fearing the costs for drugs and other medical treatment, which can be low.


There are two kinds of health insurance in Germany, compulsory/public and private. International Students are obliged to ensure themselves until they are 30 years old, or until 14th study term, they must have compulsory health insurance. Private health insurance is only allowed in exceptional cases.

It’s important to clarify your health insurance status before you begin your trip to Germany! In order to enroll and apply for a residence permit, the IAS office would be happy to assist you further.