Why Study In Germany?



Germany is the ideal and attractive country to study. Germany continues to rise on its international position as a major study destination with a strong economy supporting a historic higher education system. German Degrees have an excellent reputation and highly respected by employers around the world.

The annual report 2017 of Wissenschaft weltoffen reveals that foreign enrolment in Germany reached 340,305 students in 2016. This represents an increase of nearly 6% over the year before and marks the continuation of a long-term growth trend for Germany as a major study destination in Europe and certainly the world. Nearly half of all students come from other European countries, and nearly a third from Asia.

Furthermore, Germany is not only a top economic power in the world, but also a democratic, tolerant, safe and beautiful country with an abundance of cultural, touristic and culinary attractions.

Some of the key reasons that make Germany as one of the top study destinations are

    • High Academic  & Research Standards.
    • Nominal tuition fees (300 Euros to 500 Euros).
    • Plenty of Internships.
    • 1.5 years stay back option for Students.
    • Permanent Residency within 5 years of working full-time in Germany.
    • Part time work allowed for 120 full days or  240 half days.
    • Highly developed economy, industry and business  
    • Solid infrastructure synchronous with latest technologies
    • Very good Career Opportunities
    • Average Living expenses 8640 Euros (as of 2018).