IAS COLLEGE helps on the choice of accommodation and its types and how to secure a room and other important things to be completed.

Students of IAS need to fill in the Accommodation Request Form, provided that IAS receives their accommodation request forms at the latest 2 weeks before arrival in Germany. The rent deposit for flats has to be paid immediately when signing the contract. The rent deposit will be 2 months’ rent. Rent per month usually is 250 Euros. Two women or two men will share rooms/apartments. The flat can be for 4, 6 or 8 people. Either all male or all female. The accommodation has to be rented for at least 3 months. In case of cancellation, he/she will have to pay rent for a minimum of 6 months due to a 3 months’ notice period.

Types of Accommodation

Student Hostels

A room in a hostel is the cheapest option. This type can be chosen as single occupancy rooms, rooms for couples or family rooms. Most student hostels have shared kitchen and bathroom. The rooms will be furnished simple and basic.

Shared flat

Shared flats are popular alternatives and involve two or more people sharing a private apartment. It’s a good way to meet people, and the costs are reasonable. You can find vacant rooms online.

Living in a shared flat is the ideal choice, as it allows to enjoy breakfast together at the weekend or to cook together after a day at university. So you quickly make new friends.

A room in a shared flat is often cheaper than renting your own apartment – and is much easier to find. Especially in the semester vacations, many shared flat inmates are looking for new flatmates.

Private apartment

A private apartment is almost always unfurnished and tends to be more expensive than other types of accommodation. Incidentally, you will have to pay also for the electricity and water extra.