Culture shock is a usual experience for many people who move abroad. Spending some time to learn about local cultural customs and having a basic knowledge of German will help foreign students overcome culture shock in Germany.

How IAS College helps in handling culture shock?

Social & Cultural integration training  is the key offering in all the courses , which makes the students familiar with the culture, traditions, lifestyle, and habits of Germans so that there will be no struggle adapting to the German life, making friends and moving ahead in the society.

IAS College guides and assists from the date of students arrival in Germany onwards. Do’s and don’ts in Germany belong to the first lessons students will be taught. Culture shock is intended to be kept as small as possible. During all IAS programs culture is an integral part. In addition to talks and seminars IAS College is trying to organize contacts to German families so that the students can spend quality time with them by participating the families everyday –life they learn about living in Germany. We also provide thorough orientation towards workplace etiquette and practices through our courses.